Turksibersavunmaordusu | Turksibersavunmaordusu
Its said that the Universe is constantly growing and we are all the product of the cosmic evolution...
And, so are our markets – its mysterious, its vast and always expanding!

Our Culture

We make markets, provide liquidity and do it round the clock. We see opportunity in this as we believe liquidity creates more traders and large volumes.

Our Technology

We at Cosmic Futures vouch on the integration of technology and smart trading. Our philosophy is to build and keep upgrading our trading engine.

Our plans

Cosmic Futures plans to have offices at all the major financial centres New York,Chicago, London, Singapore, Shanghai & Sydney. We also plan to have our

Who Are We

Promoted by experienced professionals in their respective fields, Cosmic Futures is owned by Mr. Subhash N Rana.

Subhash N Rana is the CEO & Managing Director of the firm with over 20 years’ experience in the commodity/derivative markets. Prior to setting up Cosmic Futures, Subhash was employed with Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange.