How Safe Are Your Holidays This Summer Season?

The holiday season is just around the corner and the Brits are rushing to book their tickets. The problem is that a number of tourist destinations across Europe and North Africa have been listed as being at high risk following recent atrocities and terror threats.

Going on holiday has never seemed riskier as it is now with the government floating the list of so many countries and cities in the high risk zone. With the rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups, UK travellers now rate security as the most important factor when booking a holiday rather than price.

Louise Hodges from TravelZoo commented on the situation. In her words, “It is clear that events of terrorism last summer have had a significant impact on consumer travel habits; safety and security are now paramount for British people when making choices about travel destinations in 2016.”

Belgium was included in the list after the blasts rocked Brussels leaving 32 people dead. Paris has been in the limelight for terrorist activities for quite some time now. Germany is the latest nation in the continent to have its risk rating increased by the Foreign Office. Nations surrounding the Mediterranean also face major warnings, with Morocco being the latest addition.

Spain, which sees nearly 12 million Brits visiting each year to its sunny destinations such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Majorca, and the Costa Del Sol, also saw the rise in threat level by the British Government. On the FCO website, it reads: “The Spanish authorities take measures to protect visitors, but you should be vigilant and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

But, all is not gloomy for the holiday seekers. They will be thrilled to hear that their cheap and cheerful beach holidays are still fine for this summer. There are some places the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises has ‘no or limited known terrorist activity’. These include Denmark, Norway and Finland, North America, a majority of South America and stunning Canada.

The terror activity can happen anywhere, anytime irrespective of all precautions taken by the government and the authorities. Thus, the common advisory for public places – whether home or abroad – is to be always vigilant in public places and follow the advice of local authorities.

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